U.S. Mint Releases 2016 Biennial Report to Congress

The United States Mint completed its 2016 Biennial Report to Congress in December 2016 on the research and development (R&D) of alternative metals for the nation’s circulating coins. This report is the third released under the Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010, Public Law 111-302, which authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to conduct R&D on alternative metallic materials for all circulating coins, with the goal of reducing production costs. The Act also requires the Secretary to provide a biennial report to Congress on the status of coin production costs and analysis of alternative content.

The full report that has been submitted to Congress is below.

The Biennial Report to Congress on the Alternative Metals Study is currently under review to ensure Section 508 compliance. As soon as this process is completed, the document will be replaced. In the meantime, to obtain a printed copy of the report, please call (202) 354-7227.

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