Rosie the Riveter Bronze Medal



This medal is a bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal presented to the women who joined the workforce during World War II, known collectively as “Rosie the Riveter.” Congress authorized the medal on December 3, 2020. It was presented on April 10, 2024. The Mint issued the bronze medal duplicates in 3.0 inch and 1.5 inch sizes.

During World War II, a shortage of men led to active recruitment of women for war industry jobs. More than six million women entered the workforce in response. “Rosie the Riveter” and her “We Can Do It” motto used on recruitment posters came to symbolize all women in wartime jobs across the United States.

These working wartime women filled industrial jobs in factories and shipyards. They built the aircraft, vehicles, weaponry, ammunition, and other war supplies that powered the U.S. military to victory in Europe and Asia. They operated heavy cranes, milling machines, and other heavy tools that few women had operated before the war. Women also stepped up to work many jobs in other industries vacated by the men serving our country overseas.

The example that these women set continues to inspire us. The images of “Rosie the Riveter” and the phrase “We Can Do It” continue to symbolize the empowerment of women today.

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The obverse features five Rosies in profile to represent the diversity of women in the war effort.

The reverse features a Rosie with a wrench casually resting on her shoulder and a rivet in her other hand. A Liberty ship and M4 tank travel behind her, and a B-17 bomber flies above, representing the variety of equipment built by Rosies. A ring of rivets frames the design with windows featuring the inscriptions.

Obverse Inscriptions


Reverse Inscriptions

  • 1942-1945

Mint and Mint Mark


  • Finish: matte
  • Composition: 1.5 inch medal is 95% copper, 5% zinc and 3.0 inch medal is 90% copper, 10% zinc
  • Edge: plain
  • No mint mark

Artist Information

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