Liberty and Britannia Coin and Medal Program

Liberty and Britannia Gold Coin line art obverse
Liberty & Britannia collaborative design.

The 2024 Liberty and Britannia Program is a unique design collaboration between the United States Mint and The Royal Mint, two of the world’s largest and oldest mints. This historic partnership will showcase the talent and skills of each mint’s chief engravers to produce a unified design featuring Liberty and Britannia together for the first time. U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Joseph Menna and The Royal Mint Chief Engraver Gordon Summers celebrate the harmony of the figures while giving each equal prominence in the design.

American Liberty, historically depicted as a woman in her many variations, represents that bedrock value that is so important to Americans. She has appeared on U.S. coinage since the early years of the nation. Britannia, a staple on British coinage since the late 1600s, has long been the national personification of Britain. Often a symbol of maritime power, this allegorical image has come to be a symbol of national pride and unity.

The U.S. Mint and The Royal Mint will each use this design on products in 2024. The U.S. Mint will produce a 24k gold coin and a silver medal. The collaborative design will appear on the obverse of U.S. Mint products and the reverse of products from The Royal Mint. Inscriptions will be appropriate for each nation.

Learn about the coin and medal below or buy them in the online catalog.

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