Get Started Collecting Coins

People collect coins of all kinds. Some people might only like coins from other countries. Some people might like coins that have animals on them. Which coins would you like to collect? Read our tips for starting and caring for a coin collection.

Find Coins to Collect

It’s easy to start a coin collection. You can begin with coins that you already have.

  1. Look around your house, check your pockets and your piggy bank, peek under the couch cushions and in the car.
  2. Gather the coins you find somewhere safe.
  3. Make a list of your coins. Include the coin type, year, and other information you find useful.
  4. Add to your collection when you find new coins or travel to other countries.

fun fact coin character icon

Fun Fact! Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of Rome, was the first known coin collector. He lived over 2,000 years ago!

Gather Materials to Care for Your Collection

pair of cotton gloves

Soft cotton gloves to hold your coins


Soft towel or pad to hold coins over when viewing

magnifying glass

Magnifying glass to study your coins

coin album

Coin holders or albums for storing coins

Handle Your Coins With Care

a gloved hand holding a coin by its edges

  • Wear soft cotton gloves and hold the coin by the edge. Fingerprints and natural oils on your skin can damage the coin.
  • Hold it over a soft towel or soft surface in case you drop it.
  • Remember that brushing or cleaning a coin could scratch it.

Store Your Collection Safely

coins stored in plastic holders with magnifying glass in front

  • Keep the coins cool and dry.
  • Store coins in protective cases or albums. Avoid soft plastic holders that contain a chemical called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC can coat a coin in sticky green slime. Yuck!
  • Save important documents that came with the coin. This can include a certificate authenticity and information cards.
  • Store the coins in a safe place.