Collector’s Corner

What do bears, space, and national parks all have in common? They have all been featured as part of a coin design! When a coin catches your eye, save it and start a collection. Coin collecting is a fun hobby.

Being a coin collector means using certain words to describe your coins. Get familiar with the parts of a coin and basic coin terms.

fun fact coin character icon

Fun Fact! A person who collects coins is called a numismatist (“noo-miz-ma-tist”). Numismatics (“noo-miz-ma-ticks”) is the study and collecting of things that are used as money, including coins, tokens, and paper bills.

You can collect all kinds of coins with all kinds of designs for all kinds of reasons! Coins can:

United Kingdom 2020 Mayflower 400th Anniversary Silver Proof Coin Obverse

Help you remember a place you traveled

2010 America The Beautiful Quarters Coin Yellowstone Wyoming Uncirculated Reverse

Have interesting designs

1936 Buffalo Nickel obverse

Be really old or brand new

2020 America the Beautiful Quarters Coin National Park American Samoa Uncirculated Reverse

Make you happy

You can display, share, and trade coins with friends and family. You can also join a coin club to share your love of coins. Visit the American Numismatic Association website to find a club near you.

Learn more about coin collecting with our Coins For You booklet (PDF, 4MB).