U.S. Mint Leadership

Ventris C. Gibson

Ventris C. Gibson

United States Mint

U.S. Mint Headquarters Leadership

Office Official
Deputy Director Kristie McNally
Chief Counsel John Schorn
Associate Director, Chief Financial Officer Kenyatta Fletcher
Associate Director, Chief Information Officer Francis O’Hearn
Associate Director, Human Capital Michael Wenzler
Associate Director, Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Jennifer Warren
Acting Associate Director, Manufacturing Steve Vaughn
Associate Director, Sales and Marketing Keith Adams
Chief, U.S. Mint Police Bill R. Bailey
Commander, U.S. Mint Police John Brawdy
Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Dennis Fish
Acting Chief, Public Affairs John Chu
Equal Employment Opportunity Officer Ashley Bailey
Deputy Chief Counsel Vacant
Acting Deputy Chief, U.S. Mint Police Bobby McCoy
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Sandra Macadoff
Deputy Chief Information Officer Brian Senior
Deputy Associate Director, Manufacturing Don Bennett
Deputy Associate Director, Sales and Marketing Kirk Gillis
Field Chief of Police Adrian Lesense

Denver Mint Leadership

Office Official
Superintendent Randy Johnson
Deputy Superintendent Phil Skinner
Field Chief of Police Robert Telfor
Inspector James Broz

Fort Knox Bullion Depository Leadership

Office Official
Field Chief of Police Lee Booth
Inspector Adrienne Meyer

Philadelphia Mint Leadership

Office Official
Superintendent Robert Kurzyna
Deputy Superintendent James Nicolo, Jr.
Field Chief of Police Tanya Washington

San Francisco Mint Leadership

Office Official
Superintendent David Jacobs
Deputy Superintendent Paul Lewis
Field Chief of Police John Abbey
Inspector Sean Carroll

West Point Mint Leadership

Office Official
Superintendent Ellen McCullom
Deputy Superintendent Tom DiNardi
Field Chief of Police Gary Harris
Inspector Dean Smith
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